flexible laminated packaging rollstock film


Snack food, candy & Confectionery,

Tea, Coffee, Sugar

Instant Food, Noodles

Frozen Food, Seafood

Pasteurized Food,

Protein-based products,

Convenience food,

Rice, Wheat flour & other cereals



Cheese & Diary products

Textile, Garment,

Cosmetic, Washing Chemical,

Soaps & Detergent

Shampoo & Conditioner

Consumer care and high tech products,

Medical and pharmaceutical applications,

Cattle Food, Pet food…

We provide high-quality packaging solutions and connections between all customers in all over the world and manufacturers in Vietnam and India. We are proud of supplying to our customers a wide variety of packaging.


Supplying you packaging in reel or preformed pouches as your demands


Printing machine with color run up to 10 colors

Extrusion machine

Dry lamination machine with solvent and without solvent

Slitting machine

And various Bag-making machines as:

Three side sealed bag machine,

Quad seal bag machine,

Gusset bag machine,

Pillow bag machine,

Ziploc, standup pouch machine,

Quad seal and flat bottom pouch machine,

Pocket zipper pouch machine,

Box style pouch machine

Wielding seal cut bag machine….