Airsickness bag vomit bag

paper basic weight: 60gsm to up

paper base: MG kraft, sack kraft, MF kraft...


The plastic-lined air sickness bag was created by inventor Gilmore Schjeldahl for Northwest Orient Airlines in 1949. Modern bags are still mainly made from plastic-lined paper, but a significant proportion are now made completely from plastic. Nowadays, Airsickness bag is a necessary solution, object for passengers on board airplanes and boats.

Materials: PE coated paper (Mg kraft, woodfree coated PE, Mg Plain kraft, MG ribbed kraft with various colors: white, natural shade, brown, pink, yellow…

Bag type: Rectangle bottom, sharp bottom, flat bags, Block bottom bags (S.O.S), square bottom withside gusset

vomit bag is made automatically by the bag making machine system

Orgin: India