white poster release base paper

basic weight: 38 gsm to up

Application: silicone coating base

Label Stock

The label industry is one of the largest users of silicone release paper. It is used to protect the print on the face-stock from the adhesive on a label. Silicone release liner labels are used in:

  • point-of-sale labeling

  • primary labels for the food and cosmetics industries

  • business system labels

  • functional and security labels on machinery and industry equipment


When used in a roofing application, Silicone release liners are chosen for the cold self-adhesive membranes, as well as self-adhesive under layers. The liner protects the adhesive surface and ensures the final product can be rewound after production. A release liner is also used in self-adhesive shingles.

Shipping Envelopes

Document pouches used for overnight shipping will have a peel & seal closure strip. The release liner is part of this system, where it is removed to expose the adhesive before pressing closed.

Silicone release papers are used in:

  • Food bags

  • Business forms

  • Paper envelopes

  • Document pouches

Fiber Composites

Wind energy, automotive, and aerospace, to name a few, use composite material. The Silicone release liner is used as a process paper or film to prevent material from sticking together during the impregnation process.


The Silicone release liner paper is being used in almost every area in the medical field. Where these products are used directly in contact with the skin, a high-quality release matched to the correct adhesive must be used and be able to be made at a consistent level.

We have been working with manufacturers in these fields, helping them to produce high-quality release liners as well as service solutions around these products such as narrow split, coils, double packaging, plastic cores or bioburden testing.

The Silicone release liners are typically used in:

  • Body electrodes

  • Adhesive bandages

  • Therapeutic patches

  • Wound dressings

  • Transdermal delivery systems

In the example of ECG/grounding pads, the release liner is used to back the adhesive. Other uses of release liner are, wound care, PU casting liner, surgical drapes.


Silicone release liners in hygiene applications are primarily used for self-adhesive diaper frontal tapes and feminine care products (sanitary napkins/panty liners). We offer services for these liners by providing printing, coating, and slitting operations if needed.

Graphic Arts

With this market growing by leaps and bounds, the release liner that is often used in these applications has had to adapt. Advertising films such as PVC, PP, PET are being used in car wrapping, reflective safety films and decorative vinyls.

The Silicone release liner used with these films is critical in making sure there are good lay-flat characteristics, dimensional stability, and adjustable release levels. We will work with you to help you tailor a product solution for your specific application.

Functional Coatings

A functional coating can be described as a “layer” over the substrate, which could be paper/PE/film. This layer provides protection from the elements – rain, static, heat, slip/grip, absorption.

Kraft paper coated with a cold seal adhesive, for example, enables you to seal and wrap items without the use of tape or glue. It will form a strong bond at room temperature only when pressed together.

Functional coatings for Silicone release papers are used in corrugated boards, for protecting put together do-it-yourself furniture, and automotive parts.

Origin: India